From a Restless Heart


Don’t try this at home.



I’ve lost 15 lbs! Now only 15 more to reach my goal weight! It’s good to be halfway there!

Weight Update

I haven’t lost ANYTHING since camp. I believe it’s because I’ve returned back to work and haven’t been moving around a lot with the amount of meetings and trainings I’ve been attending. Therefore, I will officially going to the gym tonight. My work schedule is all kind of messed up so I’m hoping to keep with it.

Proof my friend will allow my family to mooch off her when she is bradgelina rich…. In a castle!

Proof my friend will allow my family to mooch off her when she is bradgelina rich…. In a castle!

Returned home from camp yesterday and only gained but a pound back! There were so much starchy foods for the meals that I just chose to limit the amount I ate. For example, we were served mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, bread, turkey and salad. I got only mashed potatoes, gravy, and piled the salad on my plate like it was going out of style. I also did bring a few snacks just in case throughout the day I was hungry, but really didn’t eat any besides the bus ride there and home. I even ate rainbow sherbet in a cone :) but that was burned off walking about 5 miles to the beach, then the ice cream parlor and finally back to camp. Dairy products are no longer my friend since I went for 3 weeks without it and then had to consume some during my trip. It has messed up my bowels. Regardless, I really consider this a win in my dieting book :)



I have officially lost 10 lbs! πŸ’•πŸŽŠπŸ˜‚

wow! congrats!!

you just motivated me to stick with this. i was actually just coming by your page to ask you how you keep from snacking. i started and failed yesterday. i am so used to snacking that i need a good sub for the junk food i usually eat while still staying within my calorie goal to create the beloved deficit required for actual weight loss

any tips?

Haha thanks. I hope I’m keeping you motivated! On paleo, you really don’t need to starve yourself, but I do only eat when I’m hungry. Some great snacks are salami, banana with almond butter, nuts (I love raw almonds), fruit (I’ve been eating grapes like crazy, also frozen since it’s been hot here. Frozen bananas are great too), “bread” recipes, hard boiled eggs, avocado deviled eggs, carob chips…. A lot is just about substitutions for food you love. I hope this helps and I’ll post done great recipes I’ve tried. My biggest challenge will be going to camp where food will be provided for me. I’m going to try and monitor it by bringing more snacks and eating less of the non paleo food in hopes of not gaining weight back.

I have officially lost 10 lbs! πŸ’•πŸŽŠπŸ˜‚







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Legitimate question: Was this not in the american printing? I remember there was a fair bit of editing done on the first few books to make them more approachable for american audiences and I don’t remember this.

That was 100% there in the American edition, but I don’t think I understood it as a kid.


he wasn’t having a wank, he was making out with penelope clearwater!Β 

OMG, this is great. I didn’t even catch this while reading it as an adult!

Day 16

I haven’t felt as hungry as when I first started the diet. I’ve also lost a pound from a few days ago. I’m noticing slight changes with my body. Only 21 lbs to go!

My only worry is that I’m going to camp on Monday and they provide meals for us that are not paleo friendly. I thought about bringing some food since I will have a place to store it… But really it’s kind of a pain to worry about that. For instance I know the dinner for Monday is spaghetti with salad and garlic bread. If I stuck with paleo I would get dry salad and meat sauce…. Not that sustainable.

I got roped into giving a workshop for my company. 3 workshops lasting less than an hour each. I only agreed because someone was smart enough to pair me with my sister. This should be interesting.